My name is Ben and I am interested in getting more involved in this whole social media thing.  Particularly Social Media Marketing.

It is pretty hard to ignore the popularity of social media.  I am amazed at the things that have come out and become big hits.  Some things I would have never have guessed would gain in popularity.  Not only have these things become popular they are growing at amazing rates.

Twitter was one of those new social media things.  Twitter is a 140 word burst of information that you can get on the web or your cell phone.  I originally thought of it as an interesting gimmick but have found it to be much more.

I have resisted joining Facebook and Twitter and making blogs because I really didn’t want that much personal information going out there.  I have since changed my views a bit and opted to join the masses in this social media wave.  It is not that I am any less concerned about my information appearing all over the internet but more that I have rationalized that the pros outnumber the cons.  I think it is a reasonable risk.

My goals for this blog are:

  • Provide at least a tidbit of useful information in each of my posts. 
  • Be honest and fair.
  • Give credit where credit is due.
  • Not personally attack anyone.
  • Improve my blogging and other social media skills.

So, enjoy my posts and give me feedback!

Thank you,

Ben Oliver


5 Responses to About

  1. Eddie Benton says:

    I found your website while I was stalking you on Facebook. OK not really. I saw your friend link on Daryl’s Facebook page. He had a recent picture with a bunch of the old crew.

    How have you been? I saw your post on V TAC. My wife has a mild case of the TAC portion.

    Great to see your still kicking and all.

    Kind of curious about your professional job path. I thought you were going for the world domination through punk rock thing.

    Take care man.

    • Ben says:

      Hello Eddie!

      Yes, still kicking. Sorry to hear your wife has to deal with that crap. It can be very distracting.

      How have you been? What are you up to? What are you doing these days? Did you ever finish that three wheel car that used a VW front end and motorcycle rear?

      Any little Eddies around?

      What are your plans? What are your dreams?


      • Eddie Benton says:

        You know I still have those plans on how to build that car. Dreams, we all have them. Right now I am rebuilding a 65 fastback and after that a original 1979 British Spec Mini, after that…. maybe the three wheeled car.

        Two little Eddies. Both in college and both doing very well. Proud papa here.

        Plans? Which ones? I don’t have time for all the stuff I want to do. (not the money) but the wife and I have a great and blessed life. 22 years in the Air Force and I love my current job.

        Dreams? Finish the 65 fastback.

  2. You, B. Franklin Oliver, are the king of the world. Great posts, I read them way longer than I should have. I really need to go to bed. I took sleeping pills to encourage me to do just that. Fighting it…fighting it…

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