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How to make a larger shop

Want to know how to make your house, garage, shop, or even desk larger?  Wait for it……clean it! Several years ago, I built a shop.  I had a hard time prying my wallet open to release the funds but I finally got tired of rolling around in the dirt in all matters of weather, trying […]

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I was just thinking that I need to knock the dust off my blog and exercise it but was having some trouble coming up with something to blog about. I mean, I should put something sort of useful out there right? Most blogs are full of personal rants and whatnot so why not take the […]

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Annoying Finger Nicks

I don’t know what else to call them. Those little nicks you get on the edge of your fingers. It is like a little paper cut or a rat bite. They are annoying, little, and vicious. I have a few solutions, one of which is by far the best. Which one you ask? I will […]

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