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How to make your own LED shop Lights DIY

It seems like having efficient lighting is all the rage but I have not really found any lighting that I thought was actually all that efficient.  I have converted from incandescent lights to fluorescent lights but they keep burning out. They might be less on my electric bill but it is costly to replace the bulbs […]

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DSLR Monitor Mounting Assembly for the Nexus 7

I was looking for an inexpensive yet sturdy DSLR tablet mount for my Nexus 7. My search took me to DSLR Film Noob. The site has a ton of neat ideas and I have only scratched the surface! Here’s a link: DSLR Film Noob’s idea was great but I wondered if instead of buying […]

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Animation with Flash

I finally completed my first full-length cartoon! Well, full length meaning it had a beginning and an end. I am not sure what the legal time limit is supposed to be for a cartoon. I actually completed it a few weeks ago and am just now blogging about it. It was pretty fun. I did […]

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How to install a Bathroom Countertop – Quick and easy!

I have wanted to put something up on YouTube but have not been able to come up with anything that I thought was YouTube worthy.  Then I spent about two minutes browsing for something ridiculous, found it, and decided I could do that or at least something close. There is some great stuff out there […]

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How to make a larger shop

Want to know how to make your house, garage, shop, or even desk larger?  Wait for it……clean it! Several years ago, I built a shop.  I had a hard time prying my wallet open to release the funds but I finally got tired of rolling around in the dirt in all matters of weather, trying […]

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I was just thinking that I need to knock the dust off my blog and exercise it but was having some trouble coming up with something to blog about. I mean, I should put something sort of useful out there right? Most blogs are full of personal rants and whatnot so why not take the […]

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Annoying Finger Nicks

I don’t know what else to call them. Those little nicks you get on the edge of your fingers. It is like a little paper cut or a rat bite. They are annoying, little, and vicious. I have a few solutions, one of which is by far the best. Which one you ask? I will […]

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Sometimes it is not worth being considerate

So a friend of mine was telling me how a fart in his house was a bad thing.  No matter how innocent or how much of an accident it may have been, it is taboo.  In fact, if he were to fart and laugh, well, he indicated it would be grounds for divorce. This may not […]

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Rude People Suck

  My sister took a picture of some arrogant individual who obviously thought they were more important than anyone else or as she pointed out, they must have a really small penis. They took up two parking places to prove it. What a butt. I think she used some even more colorful words. It never […]

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Bag Balm a Go-Go

You know how you can be having a nice lunch with your friends, talking about all kinds of things and then you realize that you are having a conversation about Bag Balm?  I know right?  Well that is where our conversation went today. I really do not know how we got there because at one […]

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